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Purple Properties is a successful contracting company, serving both the Residential and Commercial sector.

For over 22 years, Purple Properties has produced an impressive body of work.


Pulling on the core founding principles of passion, excellence and commitment, the company continues to expand its presence within Southern Ontario.

Your Vision Is Our Build.

Meet Rowan.

The company now known as Purple Properties sprouted from a feeling!

From a desire for freedom, excellence, and appreciation.


It was in my childhood, living in the ghettos of Kingston, Jamaica that the need for freedom developed. At that young age there was a desire for accomplishment, contribution, driven by an obsession for excellence.


Arriving in Canada in the fall of 1986 presented the opportunity for growth, for gratitude, and more importantly, an appreciation for life, diversity, art, and the beauty of creation.


With all those peas in a pod, the entity that would become Purple Properties was born in 1996. Fast forward to today, and the passion and drive from that original thought has grown into many successful bodies of work. From the stages of inception to completion, our talented group of professionals at Purple Properties will be there to ensure the best possible outcome for your vision, which becomes the vision of our team. Purple Properties has a unique talent for the integration of water, wood, stone, horticulture, light, electrical, plumbing, wall finishes, mouldings, glass and many more materials, allow us to produce spaces which were once a thought.


Creating spaces that are free, unique, artistic, and practical is what continues to grow that seed that was planted so many years ago.


Here at Purple Properties, our goal is to continue to stretch the limits of excellence. From projects as simple as a walkway, or as intense as your personal addition to your home. Whatever the case is, our desire for freedom and excellence and our appreciation for creation allows us the joy of making the thought a tangible reality.

Rowan Henry

Founder, Purple Properties

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