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HomeStars Reno Reveals: A Growing Family Finds Their Go-To Team

written by Jessica Greaves | October 14, 2019

To read the official review on HomeStars, click here.

Sometimes the hardest part of getting any project started is finding the right company to work with. So when you do find a great company, you stick with them. This was the case for Fahad and his growing family. They had used Purple Properties Inc. for two previous projects, so when it came time to renovate their home to accommodate a baby on the way, they knew exactly who to call.

With a young toddler and his wife pregnant, Fahad and his family had a short timeline to get several home renovations done. They needed a company that could deliver what they wanted from their projects, as well as work around their busy schedules all while keeping noise and dust under control. While this could be a tall order for some companies, the team at Purple Properties Inc. had no issues accommodating Fahad’s needs.

Fahad had two projects to complete before the arrival of his second child. The first was a complete bathroom renovation. One feature of this project that is sure to make other parents jealous is the addition of laundry right in the bathroom. No more trips to and from the basement, instead laundry can be done during bathtime. With two small children and never-ending laundry, Fahad and his wife are sure to get a lot of use out of these conveniently located machines.

The second project Purple Properties Inc was tasked with was revamping a room used as an office into a space that could be used as a playroom. By removing the old heavy and dark furniture and replacing it with modern pieces, this room is now ready for hours of family fun. The addition of a colourful patterned carpet helps anchor this bright and beautiful room that this family can spend time together in.

Being a repeat customer, Fahad already knew he could trust the Purple Properties team to work on his home without his supervision. When speaking to the level of trust built between him and the company, Fahad said, “I trust them so much that I gave them a key to our place to do some of the heaviest work while we were away for a week.”

Despite leaving for a week, Fahad and Rowan of Purple Properties worked closely together on the projects. All the designs were done in an iterative process which Fahad really enjoyed. This means that as things were happening during the project, Rowan kept Fahad in the loop and they made decisions together, as a team. Again speaking to how when you find the right company, you can easily work together to make your project turn out exactly as you wanted it.

“The bathroom and room renos are terrific — we are so incredibly happy with them and get a lot of compliments when people see them. The before and after photos speak for themselves. And the rooms have become so functional for our growing family.”

Impeccable service, professionalism and attentiveness are just some of the qualities Fahad values about Purple Properties Inc. It’s clear to see that when you find a company you can trust, communicate and collaborate with, amazing results can happen. Whatever project Fahad’s family needs help with next, they can count on their go-to team at Purple Properties Inc.

This goes to show that finding the right company for your project makes all the difference. If you’re planning on renovating any part of your home, make sure you reach out to multiple companies to find the one you feel most comfortable with. Start on HomeStars by getting multiple quotes from verified companies in your area. Hopefully, you’ll find your repeat company just like Fahad and his family did.

To read the full review and see more pictures, click here.


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Being the Senior Content Marketing Specialist at HomeStars, Jessica’s main goal is providing readers with the tools to turn their fixer-uppers into dream homes. When not busy browsing Pinterest, Jessica can be found wandering through vintage shops and baking desserts with varying degrees of success.

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